Pick The Right Shoes For Your Track

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Back to when we were kids, we wear the same shoes from running to hiking or, wear the same school shoes for every activity. But do we know how importance of shoes may effects to our foot health. Today, as time changes, we have many different shoes that fit to specific sports. Wear the specific shoes to lower the chance of injury, it may increase your winning rate. There are few types of running shoes depending on your track.


Running shoes


As we running, we need a shoe with plenty of cushioning to absorb the shock. That is why good running shoes were designed for forward motion hence will protect your foot and heel. When you wear a good running shoes, it may prevent from stress fracture, shin splint and many more.

The most important quality in running shoes must be from soft material, nonslip outsole, breathable and lightweight to enhance your health and comfort as you run.

The first type of running shoe is for ‘on track’ such as park pavement or on the road.  



Trail Running shoes


Some people like to jog off road rather than jog in pavement in the park. That is why we need shoes that will be stand up in the dirt, mud, water and also rocky road. Trail shoes have all the needs of the people who love jog off road. The texture is heavier compared to regular running shoes, and have more heel and side to side support to keep you safe while you enjoy the run on uneven surfaces.



Our new GMax shoes with a soft material, breathable, lightweight and nonslip outsole will give you a smooth running session.


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