The beginning of mascot Back to School Kasut U By : Chee Han Tan

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This was one of my favorite corporate project. The client was Kasut You, a Malaysian footwear and foot care retailer, and they needed a few mascots for their "Back to School" campaign of footwear and school uniforms for primary school children. I designed male and female characters of different main ethnics in the country to showcase the different school uniforms that they would be wearing.
I started off with the character design of the Chinese school kids.
Here I experimented on different expressions.
Illustrations of the pair of kids with different poses, along with some insects and animals.
Then I moved on to Malay kids. Below is the test of skin tone on different background.
Finalized design - Chinese schoolkids
Finalized design - Malay schoolkids
Add on: Two years later the client engaged me again to create a comic for their U-Care Campaign 2017. It's objective is to collect used schoolbags from the public to be repaired and then given to underprivileged children. For this comic I've altered the body proportion a bit to make them look more matured, ie: two 9-year old kids. Below is the body proportion comparison.
Finalized comic (in Mandarin texts)
Finalized comic (in Malay texts)

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